How to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight- Is It Possible?

How to get rid of roaches overnight? This question is not only of your, but it is also a common asking every house owner. Roaches are a disgusting, despised, and irritating pest on the planet. They are responsible for carrying different diseases that make an unhygienic environment in our kitchen. 

So, it is significant to eliminate them from your house. Now, are you thinking of holding an insecticide spray bottle or call an expert exterminator? But it will be a little risky to use those toxic chemicals for us. Many natural remedies have though they work slowly to get rid of roaches but safe for domestic usage.

Different Types of House Cockroaches

More than 4500 different types of roaches are found where 69 species you can get in the USA. But 5 or 6 types of roaches we can see around our kitchen.

1. German Roaches

German cockroaches are the most common roaches in America. They look light brown in color and 0.6-inches.

2. American Cockroaches

This type of roaches is the longest in size, around 1 to 3-inches, called palmetto bugs. The color of them is brown to reddish-brown.

3. Brown-banded roaches

They are smaller than American roaches, and the size is 0.5-inch. They are dark brown and reddish-brown to look.

4. Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Dark mahogany color introduces them, and they are 1.5-inches long, which are a little bit small than American roaches.

5. Oriental Roaches

They appear dark-brown or glossy black. The length of them is 1.25-inches.

Why Sudden Appearance of Cockroaches

Every insect-like cockroaches such as ants or termites always search for food sources. And they acquire the easiest resources of their food, water, and make shelter in our kitchen.

So, when they find great sources of a food store in our house easily, they make their staying place here. Most things attract them extremely.

  • Dirty dishes in your kitchen sink
  • Counters or crumbs
  • Old garbage
  • Pet’s food that fell on the floor
  • Excess warmth and moisturizer area
  • Vacant cans of food or containers

Why Do Cockroaches Die In My House

In nature, most of the roaches die due to eating, and some roaches die accidentally or use insecticides or other ways that you apply.

But it is not clear why most cockroaches come out from hiding places before dying in the middle of the room. Some people think that dying the roaches at home is not a good sign. They claimed this fact exposes that your home some problem.

There has a common reason to die cockroaches at home. When you use insecticide and go out for work, you will see die roaches lying in the center of your home after coming. It is excellent for you to get rid of roaches in room easily.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Instantly in an Apartment

If you see any types of roaches at home suddenly, try to find out which reason welcomes them. Similarly, if you are also suffering from tiny ants, you should know the best way to rid of ants. However, let’s a tour on cockroaches natural medicine.  

1. Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever Naturally

Remove Food source

Remove food sources is the most significant step to get rid of roaches fast in an apartment. Do the following steps:

  • Sanitize and clean your kitchen and other warm areas Again and again.
  • Wash the kitchen tools that you used for cooking and after having a meal instantly.
  • Clean always your kitchen food cabinets and remove food spills.
  • Keep all open food gain in sealed food-grade containers
  • Store limited food consumption remaining sufficient space.
  • Clean your kitchen after dinner and before going to bed.

Remove water sources

You must think about the following water sources to get rid of roaches in room:

  • Fix any leaky pipes.
  • After cleaning the kitchen sink and other areas, let dry properly, even your bathtubs or showers, and then plug the drain tightly.
  • Keep the wet dish rags or spongers into any plastic storage bag and hang them outdoor the next day for dry.
  • Place pet’s water dishes outside of the home and refilled the next morning.
  • The wet toothbrush needs to be dried after use.

Remove Hiding Places 

Dark, warm, small areas are the main space to hide the roaches. So, you need to clean those places every day. And you can also do:

  • Close every hole of pipes and light area.
  • The kitchen’s warmth area and small space or corner should be neat and clean all the time.
  • Ensure the door, and windows frames are gap-free
  • Check your plastic bags where stored for next use.
  • Check your storeroom and old clothes that stayed for a long time.

2. Cockroaches Away Permanently

Use Baits

Use roaches baits to remove roaches, but how? Let’s see:

  • Apply it behind your old/new kitchen cabinets or counter tops
  • Apply behind picture frames, clocks or posters.
  • Use it under the gas stoves.
  • Use under the cabinets or sinks, bathroom fixtures
  • Around any corners, pipes, cables, walls.
  • In cracks around the shelves
  • Reapply it every two or three weeks and continue until single roaches live.  

Use Insect Growth Regulators

Even if you could successfully kill all older roaches using baiting treatment, some new roaches infestation will appear in your kitchen. Now you have to use insect growth regulators known as IGR to kill even hidden cockroach eggs.

It acts as birth control for cockroaches. It is the most important process that controls the roaches spreading and can remove present and future infestation production.                                                                                                       

Use a Concentrated Insecticide

Choose a concentrated insecticide and mix it based on the product label. Now apply it some secret areas:

  • Baseboards
  • Cracks and gap spaces
  • Under kitchen electric devices
  • Around every door or window frame
  • Round pipes and cables 

3. Home Remedies for Roaches

Homemade roaches killer Baking soda and onions

To get rid of cockroaches naturally, you can use natural ingredients that you will get from your kitchen. Take some baking soda with some onions.

Cut the onion into smaller pieces and mix baking soda over them. Now keep the onions in every corner and hides spaces of roaches. In all homemade technique, it is the simplest and fastest way.

Duct tape 

Duct tape is an old fashion cockroach trap. The sticky surface of it works better to catch the roaches easily. Take one advantage down a strip of duct tape with a single piece of food and spread the strips all over your kitchen or suspected areas. It will kill almost every roach at night.   

Boric acid and peanut butter

Boric acid works as a natural poison for the roaches in a single day. Spread some on a paper plate, then bait it in the center with an orange piece of peel, mixing some peanut butter. Put it all night and see the result the next morning.

Cockroach cookies

We are talking about some sweets, but you need to cook them at home, especially for roaches. Make raw cookie dough and mix cockroach killing powder or boric acid and give cookie shape. You can bake them or serve them in raw ways.

Diatomaceous earth

DE is a fantastic roach’s killer, which damages the cockroach’s exoskeleton and then dehydrates them to kill. Mix some DE with sugar powder and spread it in all risky areas.

Safety Note: Wear a protective mask when applying or using it. Though it is a natural ingredient, food-grade variety will hurt the lungs through your breathing.

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly

From my experience, it is right that natural ingredients work slowly than roaches killer product items. The best roaches killer works faster, and they are most important for instant results. So, which formula should you pick to get rid of a heavy roach infestation? We recommend some magical roach killer product below:

Cockroach Killer Gel

What kills cockroaches instantly? Yes, gel, powder, and spray are well to kill and remove roaches instantly.  If you would like to use gel, you can pick “Syngenta Cockroaches Gel Bait.”  

Why is it?

  • For high-consumption bait feature
  •  Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • It lets you apply on any residential, vehicle, commercial areas, and even industrial sites.
  • Includes high-performing tempt matrix
  • Controlling the power of roaches infestations.

Cockroach Killer Liquid

If you think of using liquid and feel comfortable applying, you can pick the ultra liquid roach bait by Hot Shot. “Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait” is an excellent instant cockroach killer.

Why is it?

  • Able to kill each type of cockroaches, even egg that they carry
  • Formulated by advanced label bait technology
  • Works within hours after apply
  • Kill the roaches where they breed
  • Faster and quicker killer formula

Cockroach Killer Spray

Many people love to apply the roach killer spray to get away roaches in apartment. The best roach killer spray is “Raid ant and roach killer spray.” It makes you quiet about roaches with ants because you can apply both types of insects.

Why is it?

  • Budget-friendly
  • Kill insects faster
  • This spray can kill about 20 household pests
  • Safe to use around kids or pets
  • It’s ideal for protecting your home and family from any pests.

Cockroach Killer Powder

Cockroach killer powder also works best like other formulas to kill and remove roaches at night. “Harris Roach Killer Powder” is an affordable formula and can apply easily.

Why is it?

  • Long-lasting powder and keep dry plus work for a long duration
  • It takes 72 hours to remove every single roach from your kitchen
  • Safe to use for pets and people
  • It attacks all roaches, even in hidden places

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