About Us

There’s is nothing in the world like family members, and we can’t live without family and its parts. Here, Homentiq is working with how can your home will be better by sharing ideas. We have different hobbies at our leisure time. some wants to clean his/her area, some likes to cook, some likes to make beautifull garden, and everyone likes shopping to decorate his/her house with essential goods. We think its a hobby. We have some experts who are working in those fields for many years.

Who We are –

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Tonmoy is a Computer and Electrical Engineer. He is working as a chief engineer at lift and generator company as well as an IT firm. He has also a lot of experience at plumbing, interior design and electronic products. He shares his thoughts and experiences at homentiq.com. As he is good at cooking, so sometimes he tries to make something new at kitchen and shares with others.

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Mfb Foyzul

Mfb is a Computer Engineer and domestic animal lover. He has some pets firm like cows, goats, birds and dogs. As he cares them regularly he knows about their conditions. He is working with them so many years. That's why he loves to write and share his experiences.

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Easir Arafat is a social activist and a home antique expert and a advisor. He has a shop of kitchen and gardening. He has a lots of lands in his countryside. There he has so many gardens on various trees. He knows how to treat them and how to care of this gardensBesides, he has been working as a chief engineer at a textile company. He loves to share his experience with writing.