How To Grow Guava From Seed (Step By Step)

How To Grow Guava From Seed

The scientific or botanical name of Guava is ‘Psidium Guajava’. It is supposed guava has originated from Southern Mexico and Central America. Later this fruit spread all over the world gradually.  Guava can be preached in several ways, like by seeds, grifting, or air layering. If you want to cultivate the guava from the source, … Read more

When To Fertilize Citrus Trees & How?

When to Fertilize citrus trees

If you are living in a subtropical or tropical region, I know you have cultivated citrus trees in your garden. Am I right? If yes, I think you should know they require some extra care and nourishment like other fruit-bearing trees.They need heavy feeders and citrus fertilizer to make the trees grow healthy. But it … Read more

7 Ways to Look Nice on Your Birthday

Ways to look nice on birthday

Birthday is a special day every year for every younger. So, why not honor and make it more memorable with nice-looking, is it? It is a great time to reveal yourself before others with the Best Looking. For this, you have to prepare yourself overall, emphasis not only on your outfit but also have to … Read more

Top 7 Birds that Lay Blue Eggs

Birds that lay blue eggs

It is so surprising to see there have various colors’ of eggs, and the blue eggshell isn’t common at all. They are rare and a few birds lay blue color of eggs. Today, here we try to show you what birds lay blue eggs. You also can know why some eggshell appears blue. Where they … Read more

How To Remove A Birds Nest | You Should Know Everything

remove birds nest

How to remove a birds nest? Is it legal or not? What facts should maintain removing the bird’s nest? A ton of question may come in your mind when a birds nest around your house and face problem for it. Stop here for a while! It is the right place where you will get all … Read more

How to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight- Is It Possible?

Get rid of roaches

How to get rid of roaches overnight? This question is not only of your, but it is also a common asking every house owner. Roaches are a disgusting, despised, and irritating pest on the planet. They are responsible for carrying different diseases that make an unhygienic environment in our kitchen.  So, it is significant to … Read more