How To Remove A Birds Nest | You Should Know Everything

How to remove a birds nest? Is it legal or not? What facts should maintain removing the bird’s nest? A ton of question may come in your mind when a birds nest around your house and face problem for it. Stop here for a while! It is the right place where you will get all answer with benefited tips.

If you see any birds nest in your home, follow this DIY guide with full instruction to effectively remove the bird’s nest.

Why Remove Bird’s Nest?

When you worry about pests’ safety, you need to get rid of birds nests from the house. But there have more different reasons for removing birds nest from roof. Below we have discussed them:

  • You can remove the nest after the nesting season without any cause.
  • Inactive nest is not secure for future use.
  • Unused nest will be dangerous, and the breeding methods will be more stressful.
  • You have to remove the nest when the birds shift to another place for another clutch.

Some other key reasons like some birds choose the poor or unsafe location to make their next nest. They are:

  • Close the door of the house or busy walkway
  • Inside the gutter pipe or drainage pipe
  • Inside the linked dryer vents
  • On a grill or the lawnmower
  • On any car bumper or vehicle tires
  • Inside the chimney
  • In any construction area or inside the workhouse

If birds make a nest in those types of areas, it will be better to remove the nest instantly. And you should also try to discourage the birds from remake their nest in the same locations. But if you find few are laying blue eggs on the nest, you should move bird nest with eggs to another nearby location safely so that the egg’s parents can contact easily. 

How To Remove Birds Nest?

How to move a bird nest with eggs or without eggs from your house? You have to follow the tasks step by step.

  • At first, make sure that the nest legal to eliminate
  • Identify the species of bird
  • Make sure there have no little chicks inside the nest
  • If there have eggs, you have to ensure safety way to move.
  • Before removing the nest, wear protective clothes like latex gloves, a respiratory mask with long sleeves, plus pants.
  • Apply antibacterial spray over the whole nest and wait for a while to dry.
  • Set out the nest into a container or a trash bag and put it nearby any tree or other safe place if have eggs. If it is an unused nest, throw it away from the house.
  • Clean the space where you have got the nest.
  • Now it is your turn to clean yourself after removing the safety clothes properly.

The following steps are summing up of how to get rid of a birds nest.

Now let’s take a short look at the detailed discussion of every step below.

 Step: 1 – Identification

  • Types of bird’s nest: Based on birds’ species, there has several types of bird’s nests like the scrape, mounds, cavity, burrow, and much more.
  • Locate the Location: Now, try to locate the nest’s fixed location around your home in or out. Typically, birds make their nest on the house roof or ledges or other suitable places for safety.
  • Ensure it is an inactive nest: Though after tracking the nest’s location, it is the right time to remove it, you have to make sure it is an inactive nest. If there has eggs or birds present, you shouldn’t go for removing the nest. So first, you need to ensure the nest is empty and inactive. 
  • Check for eggs: If the nest includes eggs without birds, the means of it isn’t that the eggs are neglected. Some birds want to wait before hatching, and some birds leave their nest for a short time to cool down their eggs because eggs need two to three weeks to hatch.
  • Wait for finishing the nesting season: Most birds make nest once a year and some four to five times each year like a songbird. So, various nesting depends on the bird’s species. And without knowing properly about it, you shouldn’t try to remove the nest. In this case, you can speak to the professional, they can help you to move the bird’s nest.
  • Recheck the nest: After ending the nesting season, recheck the nest and make sure nothing is left inside the nest, like eggs or chicks. And also, ensure there has no chance to come back the birds and confirm the birds’ removal. Now you can start the processing to remove the empty nest. 

Step: 2 – Preparation

Birds can be full of disease which can be weakening our body. It can be transmitted into our body in various ways. You have to prepare yourself before moving a birds nest to save from affected by mites and parasites that usually are got in the bird’s nest.

  • Wear Safety Clothes: To save your hands and your whole body, you should wear gloves before handling the nest. The nest can contain mites, various bacteria or other parasites. Disposable latex hand gloves can save you from those contaminated diseases.
  • Wear long-sleeved: Wearing gloves isn’t sufficient to protect you from bacteria. You should wear long-sleeved clothing with a respiratory mask to save your body completely.

Step: 3 – Treatment

Now you are completely ready to remove the bird’s nest. Let’s start treatment.

  • Throw away the nest: First, collect a plastic trash bag and then discard the nest. Throw away the nest and clear the space to get rid of all the nesting elements.
  • Clean the nest area: After removing the nest, cleans the area properly. Use a mixer of chlorine bleach with water, and the ratio of it is 1:9. Clean bush, tree, and branches; leave anything that you have found.

Step: 4 –Prevention

To discourage the birds from remaking the same nest area, you should do some tasks.

  • Removes insects: Birds normally eat bugs, and where the inhabitants of insects more have, birds want to make a nest here again and again. So, uses spray an insecticide concentrate in or out of the area where you have found the nest.
  • Frighten the birds: You can put a carved cat or owl to frighten the birds so that they can’t rebuild their nest around your house.
  • Use Bird Repellent Gel: You can apply Bird-X Repellent gel.

where birds made their nest before. The stickiness of the gel makes an obstacle to rebuilding the nest.

Is It Illegal to Remove a Birds Nest?

Before making the final decision to remove the birds nest from your house area, it is important to know is it legal or not according to the wildlife laws.

In the USA, many birds are saved species. If you desire for moving a bird’s nest with eggs or empty birds nest, you can encounter hefty or other penalties.

But outside of the USA, the laws can depend on the species of the birds. So you should identify the species and know the local law before removing any bird’s nest.

Final remarks!

Hopefully, already you have learned how to remove birds nest from your house. If you have any more questions concerning this subject, we request you to leave comments below. We will be satisfied to resolution your any confusion.