How To Grow Guava From Seed (Step By Step)

The scientific or botanical name of Guava is ‘Psidium Guajava’. It is supposed guava has originated from Southern Mexico and Central America. Later this fruit spread all over the world gradually. 

Guava can be preached in several ways, like by seeds, grifting, or air layering. If you want to cultivate the guava from the source, you can grow it very well on a warmer lawn during the warm season and move it indoors in winter.

Before planting your guava seeds, you need to clean the grasses very well. Now follow our guidelines when and how to grow guava from seed at home. We hope it will help you to get your first tree.        

Can You Grow Guava Tree From Seeds?

Growing guava plants from seeds are done on the home lawn as a fun or hobby project. Planting a guava tree from seeds often doesn’t get the parent guava life, such as sweetness, taste, and yield. For this reason, for professional purposes, this method isn’t perfect. They follow other processes for growing guava, like stem cutting, grafting, budding, or air layering.  

How To Grow Guava From Seed? 

In the first step, take some dry guava seeds and soak them in water for two weeks or in boiling water for 10 minutes to break their democracy. This way helps the seeds coat to soften and hasten the next generation. 

In the next step, take a nursery pot with soil and press the soaked seed into the middle of the container. Cover the seeds with some mud and spray water, then place the pot in a warmer space for two to eight weeks until it germinates appropriately.     

How Long Does It Take To Grow Guava From Seed?

According to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), guava trees from seed take 8 to 10 years to gain a mature height that can be 20 feet long. They also say the hardness zone of growing guava from seeds is 9 to 11 years. It takes a significant duration before developing the plant from seeds reach fruiting maturity. Guava plants grow the best very fast in warmer areas that don’t get cold.   

How To Germinate Guava Seeds?

In general, guava plants require less than 90˚ to below 15˚ Temperature. So, the summer or warmer season is the best time for planting or growing guava from seeds. To enhance the chance of germination, set the roots in the water for two weeks, boil them for 5-minute and then plant them into a pot. Finally, place the plant’s pot in a warm place, more than 65˚ F. The guava seed germination time will require at least eight weeks.  

How To Grow Strawberry Guava From Seed To Fruit In A Container/Pot At Home

People love strawberries, whereas some people also would like guava. But if you get a plant that grows two fruits in one juicy compact, what happens? Magically, it’s called strawberry guava, also known as Cattley guava and Cherry guava.

This part will show you how to grow pink guava from seed to fruit in a pot at home, step by step.

Step-1: (Collect Seed)

Strawberry guava can be grown from shoots or seeds. If you would like to propagate from seeds, you should collect dry yellow seeds. They are available in nurseries or some online seed companies. And you must ensure the roots are high-quality and come from reliable sources.  

Step-2: (Select The Time)

The best time for the strawberry guava seeds is in the late spring when the soil remains warmer enough. This plant requires plenty of sunlight and can flourish in a loamy soil. Some people recommend that spring is the perfect time to plant strawberry guava. At this time, the soil works more, and there is a higher chance of rain. Plus, the sunlight stays for a long time.   

Step-3: (Germination)

Germinate the seeds at the right time and plant them in moist and germ-free soil with a warmer Temperature of 21˚ to 29˚ C. the germination time starts from 4 to 6 weeks that can go up to 12 weeks. This germination duration depends on Temperature and the soil’s quality. 

Step-4: (Planting Area)

Strawberry guava requires a tropical habitat of its inherent in Brazil. They will be planted in the garden, lawn, outside the house, or under small trees. If you plant them in a pot or container, keep them warmer but not directly in sunlight. The plants need an invasive species area. 

Step-5: (How to Plant)

Before planting seeds or small plants in the soil, you must ensure the soil’s quality and temperature consistency. Then plant the strawberry seeds ¼ to ½ inches deep into loamy and fertile soil. 

The Temperature of the soil should stay between 70˚ to 85˚ F for successful germination. When you plant the seeds indoors in a pot, design the planting section that will support the plant’s root system. 

Step-6: (Landscaping)

Strawberry guava is wonderful for appetizing landscaping. The fruit and plant can be used as an architectural inflection or as shelter plants. The foliage is beautiful and versatile that it can be utilized just like a backdrop and looks gorgeous along the driveway. If you have a large lawn, plant the strawberry guava in a pot in this space.  

When And How To Grow Guava From Seed 

If you want to grow guava from seed in your home yard in a container or a pot or in your trace garden, you can follow the instructions below. Here you will get a complete guideline step by step.

Prepare Seeds:

  1. Start growing the guava tree from seeds in late spring or summer. The Temperature should have from 20˚ C to 25˚ C.
  2. Collect ripe guava from ripe guava or purchase one from the market or a reliable source. 
  3. Cut the ripe fruits and scoop out the seeds. Then put the seeds into a cup, and pour some water. 
  4. Let the seeds soak for 10 to 12 days and soften the hardcover of the seeds.
  5. Or you can boil the seeds for five minutes before sowing

Prepare Soil:

  1. You can purchase prepared soil from the market or any nursery. Otherwise, you can read the soil in your own way by mixing the river sand with garden soil in equal quantities. It will be the best soil mixture for germinating guava seeds. 
  2. After preparing the soil, fill the container or pot with the soil mixture.
  3. Now remove the seeds from the water and spread them on the soil.
  4. Then cover the seeds with some soil so that the seeds remain about one centimeter deep.
  5. Place the container or pot under the sun to keep the soil moist. 
  6. The guava seeds can germinate in 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the Temperature.

Plant the seeds:

  1. When the seeds germinate perfectly, transplant the seedlings into a large pot when growing four inches at least.
  2. The new pot must be filled with river sand, cow manure, and garden soil to make it nutritious. 
  3. Now grow the plant with complete care and enjoy the fruits after a good time.
  4. To increase the fruit size, weight, taste, and sweetness, you can use Boron with Potassium. 
  5. You should maintain the guava seeds fertilizer. Though the guava is weighty food, it needs to be fertilized every 1 to 2 months when it is a young tree. Then apply 3 to 4 times per year. Guava trees need nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, potash, and some nitrogen with magnesium. So apply 6-6-6-2 fertilizer 3 to 4 times at the beginning of the tree growing season.
Final Words!

Knowing the basic to advance methods of how to grow from seeds in a pot or container, it will be very easy to consume fresh guava or strawberry guava from a home garden. Just plant a healthy, vigorous, and large plant in the pot properly in the warmer season. And we think the above instruction and guide can be helpful to you to grow guava seeds in your yard or trace space quickly.  

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