Kraft Mac and Cheese no Milk Recipe

My father is a fan of craft macaroni, especially with cheese! However, it tastes good with some milk. But my father’s physician forbade him to take milk or any food made from milk for some days because of his illness.

Then, you are thinking, how can I prepare kraft mac and cheese recipe without milk? Trust me; you can prepare it with a couple of milk substitutions, like yogurt, butter, almond milk, etc.

For the last few days, I’ve been making Macaroni without milk for my dad. And I will show you this fun recipe.

In this recipe, I will use butter in place of milk.

Kraft Mac And Cheese Ingredients

I do check the ingredient lists personally when I buy any product. This is very useful to confirm what I will get. Isn’t it? You can see what ingredients are used in craft macaroni written on the packet. Original Craft Mac includes the following items. Check the item for your reference.

  • Water: 6-cups
  • Craft Macaroni
  • Butter
  • Cheese sauce

Instruction: Of Kraft Macaroni And Cheese Without Milk

What do you think? A packet of Kraft Macaroni in your hand! But, how to cook it? Yes, My dear friend! Now I will tell you the exact instruction for cooking Kraft Macaroni and cheese but without milk.

 First, I suggest you read the full instructions step by step, and then prepare to cook Macaroni and cheese.

  • Put a pan on the stove, generally on any stove as usual
  • Put 6 cups of water into it and switch on your stove.
  • You should increase your burner ability to high for generating fast boiling.
  • Open the packet of Craft Macaroni and put it all into the pan.
  • Stir in the Macaroni for a while.
  • After 8-10 minutes, when it is cooked and swollen, reduce the stove’s heat.
  • Drain the boiling water through a sieve. After that, drain the water and empty the pan.
  • Now put the cooked Macaroni back in the pan.
  • Again, switch the stove and add one stick of unsalted butter to the Macaroni. Then give the packet cheese sauce, which is delivered with Craft Macaroni.
  • Give 1 cup or half cut of normal water into the pan.
  • Fir in butter, cheese sauce, and cooked Macaroni on medium heat
  • Observe whether the butter and cheese are fully melted or not. You can reduce stove heat to dim for the best result.
  • If you see the Macaroni turn brown, it’s time to get off the stove!
  • Serve hot on your desired plate.

1-Cup Of Mac And Cheese Calories

Undoubtedly, Mac and cheese are a good combination of healthy foods. Most nutritionists have shared much important information about this food in their blogs. Now, I’m talking in my voice!

Protein11.34 g
Total lipid2.59 g
Carbohydrate47.53 g
Energy259 kcal
Sugars,7 g
Fiber1.47 g
Calcium92.4 mg
Iron2.56 mg
Phosphorus264.6 mg
Potassium296.1 mg
Sodium561.4 mg
Vitamin A50.4
Vitamin C0.35

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What Type Of Food Mac And Cheese Are?

Truly, I would like to say that it contains high calories such as pasta, cheese, cream, and butter. In the Kraft Mac and Cheese package, the following nutrition list is available. Let’s check…

There are several Macaroni and cheese packages available in the market. Favorite brands are Panera Bread, Velveeta, Chick-fil-A, Daiya, Annie’s Homegrown, etc. If you check those package nutrition facts, you will see a slightly changed in the above values. I suggest you talk to your nutritionist about selecting the best macaroni package/brand. Now I like to explain each nutrition value, especially sodium, for better health!

But how much energy will you get in One cup of Macaroni and Cheese? The following items of calories can be found. Let’s assume that 1 cup equals 198-200 grams. See the percentages…


Macaroni Nutrition Value

Now, you can ask me, can you calculate the nutrition value from only Macaroni without Cheese? Yes, this is crucial because if you know this, then you can make a plan to prepare Macaroni with cheese or others ingredients. Okay, let’s do this! I am going to discuss the Macaroni nutrition value. You can check this site for more info.

EnergyQuantity (grams)Quantity (percentages)
Iron 8.5%
Calcium 0.7%
Vitamin A and C 0%

Kraft Mac And Cheese Price Per Box

An original Kraft Macaroni and Cheese per box weighed 7.25 oz which means 205.534 grams. The packet includes dried elbow macaroni and original cheddar cheese sauce powder.

As you know, it’s easy to prepare. You can find the cooking instructions outside of the packet. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in Kraft Mac and cheese. So, truly, it’s a special package of food supplements.

There are many variant sizes available. In the superstore and online store, check the following prices of Kraft Mac and Cheese prices. One suggestion, if you want to order online, tries to order as many as possible to save your money!

  • Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (1 CT 7.25 oz Box), worth: $ 1.00
  • Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (4 CT Pack, 7.25 oz Boxes), worth: $ 3.80
  • Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese Dinner, 5 CT Pack, 7.25 oz Boxes, worth: $ 4.88
  • Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Easy Microwavable Dinner (8 CT Box, 2.05 oz Cups), worth: $7.57

Are Kraft Mac And Cheese Healthy?

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is a healthy diet in the United States. Moreover, this blog intends to let you know that it can be cooked without milk. I also described many other alternative supplements for milk.

The important things are nutrition facts. It produces immediate strength in your body due to carbs. Also, Kraft Mac and cheese are a good combination of all vital nutrients. So, you can say that Mac and cheese are energetic and healthy food.

Wrap Up!

Did you enjoy the “kraft mac and cheese without milk” preparation idea? I think you certainly go with my points because you should try unlike items like butter, evaporated milk, etc., with mac and cheese. You might not like my idea! But I have my last suggestion for you! “Try it at your home”!!

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